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Featured Warrior

Meet the BC community: Bowen Jia
I am a professional swimmer, and I have been learning art at Brethren Christian school for the last 4 years. I am from China, and I'm glad I came to Brethren Christian because it is a place where I feel it is a happy little society. It let me understand more about the American styles.”
Favorite Class: My favorite classes are AP Biology and (AP) Art.
Hometown: My hometown is Hangzhou China. A beautiful city with many famous lakes, mountains and traditional villages.
Hobbies: I love art and swimming.
What I like best about Brethren: I believe this place has a greater education and a better environment for students. Students could have more chance(s) to make friends and to have their own life. It should be a part of growing.
What college have you been accepted to for next year?: Skidmore College in New York.
What are your college plans? I am going to Skidmore College. It is a private school at Saratoga in New York state, where the turning point of the American Revolution War is. It has a great student and teacher ratio and great history. I would like to open a pharmacy factory (in China). It is very interesting and it has a good powerful future. And it can help many people.