Featured Warrior

Meet the BC community:
Hi! My name is Rachel Kent and I am in 9th grade at Brethren Christian. I feel that God is working at Brethren and in me. My favorite verse is Psalm139:14 "I praise you O Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Great are your works, I know that full well." This verse is a constant reminder to me of God's love, and that is something I Love.
       I love singing and all things regarding to music. I have been singing my entire life and, throughout my years of choir and music, I feel as though I have been able to grow not only musically, but spiritually as well. Through the trials and the good times I have been part of, God has grown me and brought people into my life that have become long lasting and life changing relationships in my life. 
      Along with music, through the years, I have found that I have another passion: writing. I have started to really enjoy writing both short stories and songs. My passion of reading especially, was a large factor in my love for writing, as I grew a great fondness for literature and things of the like. 
     My first year at Brethren has been amazing I am really enjoying it. The friends I have made and the memories I share with them have made for a wonderful year. I hope that, moving forward, I can come closer to God and have a stronger relationship with him. 
Favorite Class: Choir (my favorite academic class is Health)
Hometown: Long Beach, California
Hobbies: Singing, playing ukulele, songwriting/creative writing, reading, and playing video games.
What I like best about Brethren: How close everyone is here. We're all one big family and we can count on each other when we need somebody to lean on. It really is a great community and I appreciate that.