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Student Transition Team Registry Instructions

The Student Transition Team would like to share with you some ideas we have for our new campus. We have been blessed with a large area of land that will be apart of our high school campus. This area is currently a playground, but we plan to convert it into a space more fitting for a high school. We have created a gift registry of items and gift cards to make this renovation possible.

Items on our registry:

Our lunch area will now be outdoors. We will be using our current tables which already are designed to support umbrellas.

2. Home Depot Gift Cards     This area has two structures that are intended to provide shade on the playground. 
These structures are securely fastened to the ground so instead of removing them, our plan is to give them a modern update.
These areas will have seating and serve as a study area or a place for the students to hang out. The gift cards will be used for lumber and seating. 

3. Basketball Hoops

The student body requested to have a basketball court on campus. On our registry, we have two in ground basketball hoops selected by Mrs. Whitmire. 

4. Lowes Gift Cards

Lowes gift cards are being requested for campus beautification such as landscaping, planters and items needed for classroom and bathroom repairs or updates. 

 5. Other items
We have other items such as a charging station for student's devices and beans bags for cornhole (we already have the cornhole boards) ‚Äč

How to use the registry...

Click on the link below

Select "find a registry"
Enter Brethren as the first name and Christian as the last name 
Click on View 
Enter password: bchs
BC is so excited to see the Lord's plan for us, even in this season of change. Thank you so much in advance as we trust in Him, see His work flourish. Thank youso much. 
Serving Him,
Student Transition Team