Brethren Christian PSP


Homeschool Student Partnership

Homeschool programs are excellent ways for families to personally direct and specialize the educational process for their children. Brethren Christian School affirms this format, and also recognizes that sometimes there is a desire for larger programs than a single home can offer. That is why BC is partnering with homeschooled families for our PSP Program, to allow access to the variety of resources that our campus has to offer.
If this program interests you, please continue reading below for more information. 
Brethren Christian welcomes a partnership with homeschool families through participation in our Brethren Christian PSP (Private School Satellite Program). Participating in the BC PSP hybrid program allows the homeschool student to gain access to the many programs BC has to offer such as athletics, music, art, drama, clubs, service opportunities, and the invaluable experience of growing in a community of fellow believers while allowing the family to continue homeschooling. 
In joining the BC community, homeschool students will receive academic advising, tracking, and records keeping. Brethren Christian becomes your student's school of record. Likewise, all PSP students will be required to meet the same graduation requirements as traditional full-time BC students. 
Brethren Christian would be honored to partner with homeschool families in growing a community of believers to impact the world for Christ. Use the menu items on the right column to navigate to more information about participating and applying to the PSP program. Please contact the BC PSP Director, Tiffany Haugland, if you need additional information or would like to schedule an appointment at