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High School Clubs and Opportunities

• Club
• Sponsor – Mrs. Staller     Student Contacts - Amber McKee, Kate Larson
• Description: A team of students that create, produce and present various videos that promote and entertain the student body of Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School. These videos are shown at Chapel and Assemblies during the school year to promote events, foster school spirit, and even explain school rules. All films are in conjunction with the Associated Student Body and the A.S.B. Executive Council. The Commissioner of Creative Arts acts as a liaison to the club and the ASB for quality content. Students are responsible for complete production from creation of theme and script to burning a DVD to be approved and shown at Chapel.
• Objective: To involve and expose students to the world of media arts while gaining a healthy perspective
• Club - Fall & Spring Semesters
• Sponsor - Mr. Hoppes      Student Contact - Parker Hoppes
• Description: Meeting for ALL car enthusiasts and hobbyist mechanics.  Appreciation for classic models a plus.  No prior experience of working on cars required.  Do not need a car to join.
Objective:  To learn about the mechanics of a car.  To enjoy learning about various models of cars and share the experience with others.
BCA - Brethren Christian AMBASSADORS
• Opportunity - Fall & Spring Semesters    
•  Sponsor - Mrs. Staller, Mrs. Harris    Student Contact - Sydney Lardas
•  Description - A division of ASB.  These students are trained to lead tours, assist new students, assist at Preview Nights and off-site school fairs.  These students are selected by referral from Bible teacher or member of Class Council.
•  Objective: To help the visiting or new student feel welcome and informed; to share information about the school with students and their parents.
• Club - Fall & Spring Semesters
• Sponsor - Mrs. Maresh     Student Contact - Uni Kim
• Description: To read the same book and share insight and thought on it as a group.
• To promote reading to the student body
• Opportunity - Fall and Spring Semesters
• Sponsor – Mrs. Griffin
• Description: The Critics and Awards Program (Cappie) organization gives students the opportunity to become critics of shows being performed by other high schools.  Students attend local stage plays and are trained to write critiques which are submitted to the Cappies organization.  Two critiques from each play are selected to be published in a local newspaper.  The Cappies organization also holds a Cappies Awards and Gala program each year to honor student performers and critics.
• Objective: To help theater and journalism students increase their journalism skills.
•  Club
•  Sponsor - Mrs. Maresh         Student Contact - Tyler Meyer
• Description:  Open to all students who want to learn and/or improve their chess skills. The club will meet Mondays at lunch.
• Objective:  To learn and play the game and meet new friends.
• Club
• Sponsor - Mrs. Knapil         Student Contact - Echo Gno
• Meetings will be geared toward learning the language and
• Description: To serve the Lord.  To bring Chinese culture to Brethren Christian. To learn the conversation and encourage non-Chinese members to join. 
• Objective:  To help non-Chinese members learn more about Chinese culture, customs, and language.
• Club
• Sponsor – Mrs. Griffin       Student Contacts - Hannah Cordy, Claire Alkire
• Description: An educational branch of the Comedy Sportz organization. Over a hundred schools in the Southern California area are its participants. Each school forms a team of players who are trained to play “improv” games and compete against other school teams. The club competes typically every month  and offers family approved comedic entertainment. Tickets are sold at the door for the competitions. (In December, Salt & Light and Comedy Sportz join forces and sponsor Comedy Canz when donated food items replace the cost of admission).
• Objective: To help brighten peoples’ days; to laugh and have a good time while fellowshipping and improving improvisational skills.
• Club – all year;   Meets twice per month
• Sponsor – Coach Patrick      Student Contact - Levon Lester
• Description: Fellowships of Christian Athletes is a chapter of a national organization that is established to teach and promote a Christian foundation for athletes. The club meets every other Thursday, 7am. Occasional outings and worship/praise times are at the beach.
• Objective: For athletes and coaches to meet and fellowship, worship, share in Bible study and personal testimony; pray for fellow athletes and the BCHS athletic programs.
• Club
• Sponsor – Mrs. Staller        Student Contacts - Kaden Specht, Uni Kim
• Description: this group of students promote school spirit, create a student section both at games and pep rallies and decorate cars for play-offs.  The love of God is evident through the Green Machines cheers, as they cheer for God’s glory and not for themselves.
• Objective: To encourage teams and foster school spirit.
• Club and Opportunity
• Sponsor - Mrs. Graham        Student Contact - Minji Kim, Colby Peterson       Parent - Mr. Peterson
• Description and Objective:  To promote STEM technology through meeting and learning about computer programming and robotics
P-31 (Proverbs 31 Woman)
• Club
• Sponsor - Miss Whipple     Student Contact - Erica Logan
• Description:  To support the female student body, create a space for fun, fellowship, worship, and discussion of women's issues.
• Objective:  To learn how to be a woman of God in today's world.
• Opportunity
• Sponsor – Mrs. Tamara
• Description: Students apply to lead worship at chapels and other times of worship on campus; i.e.: National Day of Prayer, Friday Forum, See-You-at-the-Pole, etc. Students are responsible for selecting songs, reaching out to students and coordinating with Salt & Light for chapels.
• Objective: For students to gain appreciation for worship music while developing their gift of leading.
• Fall and Spring Semester
• Sponsors: Puppet Ministry – Mr. Lanning
• Description: Puppeteers effectively share God’s message of love through spoken words and music while “animating” their puppets. This is beneficial to the listener as well as an opportunity for the puppeteer to mature spiritually as they share. High School puppeteer teams perform at various elementary chapels and other venues.
S.A.L.T. and L.I.G.H.T. MINISTRY   (S 'n L) 
• Opportunity and a class that meets daily
• Sponsor –  Mrs. Knapil
• Description: S n L students apply to be a member of this leadership team that meets daily in class to create and plan service opportunities for the students as well as create and plan chapels/special events throughout the school year.
• Objective: To learn the process of planning ministry opportunities, chapels and events for the student body that will be spiritually enlightening, encouraging, and challenging whilst teaching the importance of serving others in the community.
• Club
• Sponsor – Mr. Everett
• Description: A student sound crew team that mans ALL technology and sound for Chapels, Assemblies and Pep Rallys; i.e.: microphone’s, DVD, PowerPoint slides etc…
• Objective: To gain a knowledge of sound/tech equipment and operate it successfully. Students earn class credit and award points.
• Opportunity
• Sponsor – Mrs. Cordy, Mrs. Griffin          Student Contact - Spencer Hill
• Description: Thespians Society is a group of talented high school students whose skills can range from singing to acting to playing musical instruments; often competitions provide them scholarships.
• Objective: opportunity for scholarships and to meet new friends within fine arts community.
• Club
• Sponsor - Mrs. Reeves     Student Contact - Amber McKee
• Description:  A club all about spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. United will accomplish this via the weekly club meetings focused on a short message and time of discussion.  These meetings are open to anyone.