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BC Move to Grace Lutheran campus

We are excited to embrace this opportunity to continue the 72 year ministry and tradition of Brethren Christian School.
Please take a moment to review our Town Hall Meeting presentation regarding our move to the Grace Lutheran campus starting for the 2019-20 school year.
Student Registry Page
If you would like to support or donate to the students at Brethren Christian School, our student transition team (led by a group of enterprising BC 8th graders) have created an online registry page that you can go to in order to bless our new campus with things like, lunch tables, outdoor umbrellas, basketball hoops, etc. Please visit the Student Transition Team Registry Instruction page for instructions.



Frequently Asked Questions about BCHS moving to the Grace Lutheran Campus


When does the move occur?

            This summer, and the first day of school will be August 9th.


Will tuition increase?

No. Tuition and most fees will remain the same, and the re-enrollment fee is much lower for those registering before March 1st. We will continue to offer needs based Tuition Assistance.


Will we still have a Middle School?

No. We will be grades 9-12 only. We encourage our 7th graders to enroll in 8th grade at Grace Lutheran to retain access to BC staff and teachers, and to make a smooth transition into our High School the following year.


Will we still have block schedule and Chrome books?

Yes. We will retain our block schedule, and we will continue to use 1:1 Chromebooks.


Will we have the same Academic Calendar?

Our calendar is basically set for next year, and we don’t expect any changes. BC will start school three weeks before Grace, and we end the year 2 weeks earlier than Grace. Please see next year’s calendar on our website.


What time will school start each day?

Most days will start at 7:50 AM. Some variations will occur due to block scheduling.


Will there be new bus routes?

We are working on that now and will update you ASAP. Please let us know if you will need a bus next year.


Will we still have the same programs?

Yes. We plan to retain all of our programs including: band, choir, drama, Space, arts, athletics and others.


Will we still have the same staff and teachers?

We plan to keep as many of our current teachers and staff as possible. While we expect most to return, some staff changes will probably occur during the transition, as people make decisions about their own professional future.


Will 8th graders have to wear uniforms?

They will wear some type of uniform at Grace, but it may be modified to less than a full uniform as a transitional accommodation for 8th graders.


Whom do I contact if I want more information?

            Dr. Moran, BC Superintendent -

            Mr. Thomas, BC Admissions Director -

            Mrs. Kucukarslan, Grace Lutheran Principal -

            Mrs. Ivy, Grace Lutheran Admissions Director –