International Space Station Program

The ISS (International Space Station Program) provides students with the opportunity to conceive, design, build, test integrate, and qualify computer-controlled science experiments that are then sent into space.
Experiments in Space
The experiments that BC students will be launching will be active on the International Space Station for 30 days, during which time each experiment module contains a digital camera and a student-programmed micro-controller. Our school will be partnering with as many as 200 students from all around the world to interface with this system and work together to measure their experiments. Each experiment's module data is downloaded to an ISS astronaut's laptop and sent to the earth for evaluation by the students.

If you are interested in joining BC ISS Program please contact Mike Donahue, our program mentor, at
Students will be able to
  • Gain experience in teamwork, project design and the development process
  • Construct media interface and project management techniques
  • Use knowledge of the Basic programming language
  • Apply physics, chemistry, mathematics, science, and engineering principles
  • Design printed circuit boards and mechanical hardware using CAD tools
Equipment & Software
  • Basic™ StampKit
  • Tektronix Oscilloscopes and HP Digital Voltmeters
  • ExpressPCB™ and AutoCad Inventor™ CAD software