BIBLE      Grade 7

This course is a study that takes students through the New Testament. It is a study that presents Jesus Christ for whom He really is and how He can have a life-changing impact on our lives.

Emphasis is placed on understanding the character of God through an in-depth narrative and character study of the New Testament and application of Biblical principles to everyday life situations.

  • Teen Life Application Study Bible (NLT) May be purchased at Book Sales ISBN #: 978-1414324623
  • Route 66 "Travel through the Bible" May be purchased at Book Sales ISBN #: 978-1-59557-109-0


  • Composition Book
BIBLE      Grade 8
Eighth grade Bible covers three different aspects of Christian faith: with the goal to help (1)students take ownership of their relationship with Jesus Christ, (2) to know who He is to them personally, and (3) to live that out in their lives.
The year begins with a study of heaven. Students learn what believers have to look forward to by reading the books Heaven by Randy Alcorn and Heaven is for Real byTodd Burpo.  After this, students read through the Biblical book of James, with the goal to help them examine how to live out their faith.
Finally, students read Crazy Love by Francis Chan, which helps the student examine who he or she is in Christ.  Worksheets, activities, projects and assessments are utilized as we cover these books. Everything studied is viewed through what the Bible teaches, as it is the basis for truth by which all must be examined.
Students need a Bible, preferably New International Version; phones can be used for their Bibles. They also need a three ring binder to keep all their worksheets/notes in for each study.  Students will do weekly memory verses and a Bible journal most days.
  • Jesus Calling, Sarah Young   978-1-5914-5188-4 
  • Heaven is for Real, Todd Burpo   978-0-8499-4615-8 
  • Heaven for Kids, Randy Alcorn   978-1-4143-1040-4
  • Crazy Love, Francis Chan   978-1-4377-0694-5
  • Bible; use the version from 6th/7th grade or phone
  • 3-ring binder
  • Notebook paper