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Academic Societies & Events

At Brethren Christian, we firmly believe that our purpose is to provide an outstanding academic education to Christian students.  To that end, Academic Societies and Events recognize the achievements of our students and provide them further opportunities toward academic growth.
• Academic – Fall and Spring Semester
• Sponsor – Principal and Academic Dean
• Description: To recognize academic achievement and to create enthusiasm for scholarship and strong character among Brethren Christian Students.  This honor is given quarterly to students enrolled in a minimum of 30 credits (6 classes), a total G.P.A. of 3.6 and higher, and good citizenship (no N’s or U’s).
• Objective: to recognize and reward academic excellence.
• Opportunity
• Sponsor – Mrs. Stone - Assistant Principal
• Description: “Scholarship for Service” is the mission. Students apply each semester to be a member of CSF. Annual dues are $5. Students join CSF every semester they are eligible based on their grades from the previous semester beginning with the second semester of their sophomore year. Members are recognized at Senior Awards Night if they have been a member for four and /or more semesters during their high school career. This is a state organization for membership can transfer from one school to another if necessary. Freshman may join the organization but are “associate members” only. Some colleges and universities offer scholarships for students in CSF.
• Objective: to offer students opportunities for national scholarships and to recognize, via a national organization, academic achievement.