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High School

• Event
• Sponsor – Associated Student Body
• Description: Throughout the school year, the Associated Student Body (ASB) Executive Committee will sponsor and hold social events for spirit and social entertainment. These events are held both on campus and at outside venues and are subject to the school rules and dress code stated in the student handbook. These events are often linked to an event or time of the year (including but not limited to: Snowball, “Sadie’s”, Back To School/Homecoming Dance). The dances/socials offer various games, music, food and entertainment.
• Objective: to offer senior high students the chance to socialize with classmates and friends in a safe school environment without the constraints of the classroom.
• Event – Fall Semester
• Sponsor – Freshman Class Teachers
• Description: In late August, typically the last three days of the first week of school when freshmen spend time together at a local camp where special activities are planned just for them. Serves as a great way to welcome new students and to unite the freshman class to tackle the challenges ahead.
• Objective: to learn what being a Brethren Warrior is all about while getting to know and to bond with fellow students and teachers.
• Event – Spring Semester
• Sponsor – Junior Class & Advisors
• Description: Banquet held in May sponsored by the Junior Class to honor the Senior Class. Students who are eligible to attend must be either in the Junior or Senior class, or guest of one. The event can include optional pictures, dinner, dancing, entertainment games, and prizes. This event is more formal and tickets are sold in advance.
• Objective: to provide a refined social event where students can interact and enjoy each other’s company while exercising social graces.
S.E.A.L. TRAINING (Seek ideas, Execute plans, Adapts, Lead others)
• Event – the week following the last week of school  
• Sponsor – A.S.B. Executive Council
• Description: Leadership conference and training for all leadership students of Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School held for three days in mid-August. S.E.A.L. Training is a leadership forum designed to enhance teams, increase initiative and ignite creativity. Guest speakers, current Executive Council members and alumni speak while breakout sessions allow for planning for the upcoming year.
• Objective: introduce and apply the A.S.B. driven “Lead Like Jesus” philosophy to the student leaders of Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School
• Events – Spring Semester
• Sponsor – Senior Class Council and Staff
• Description- Senior Class only events held in the spring semester and culminate the Brethren Christian experience. Seniors have their own awards night that highlights achievements from their senior year as well as their career at Brethren. The breakfast is held off-site the morning of graduation and a slide show of their years at BCHS is usually the highlight of the morning. The Senior Retreat is held in the last few weeks of school (typically end of May) and is the final fellowship retreat as a Brethren Christian student.
The Senior Exit Interviews are typically the last Thursday in May before and after school accommodated by a special bell schedule.
• Objective: to honor the senior class with final moments and memories of their time together and as a student of BC.
• Event – Spring Semester
• Sponsors – ASB Executive Council
• Description: Annual Dinner Dance hosted by the A.S.B. Executive Council in either January or February for all eligible high school students. The evening includes, but is not exclusive to, optional picture opportunity, dinner, dancing, entertainment, games and prizes. Tickets are sold in advance and it may be open to non-Brethren students as guests.
• Objective: to provide a refined social event where students can interact and enjoy each other’s company while exercising social graces.