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Chamber Choir

Conductor, Ms. Marian Mine

The Chamber Choir is an advanced mixed voice group (SATB). The singers must be able to hear intervals well and to sing a harmony part with authority. Voice production should be strong. Music reading is important but not a prerequisite. Repertoire will include choral music of the masters representing various periods of music history. Selections of hymn and gospel arrangements are added to enhance a spiritual outreach in the community. In the latter part of the school year lighter secular numbers are prepared for the annual spring concert. This is a performance-oriented group requiring out-of-school activities. The performances are not only of spiritual ministry to the public but for the individual's own aesthetic and deepening musical experience. The approximate number of required performances in a school year is seven. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed. Most rehearsing is done in class. Purchase of a special choir outfit is required. The choir goes on a retreat the one weekend in January (Friday through Sunday). Fundraising at the beginning of the year helps defray the cost of tour transportation, retreat, and outfit if student chooses to benefit from this opportunity to defer costs.

Prerequisites: All students are selected by audition according to their musical proficiency, vocal ability and motivation. Must have instructor's approval.

Concert Choir

Conductor, Ms. Marian Mine

The Concert Choir consists of soprano, alto, tenor and basses. Students are given an opportunity for choral experience and vocal growth. In addition to leaning to participate as an important member of a group sight-reading, ear training, vocal production and musicianship are all taught and do not require any prior or outside knowledge. Students will sing music from a wide variety of genres including classical, hymn, Broadway, spiritual, gospel and contemporary. Outside performances/events are required including (but not limited to) school concerts, choir retreat and ACSI Musicale, a two day choral music festival in Pasadena. A choir fee is required and there will be fundraising opportunities so that students can defray some, or even eliminate all, of their costs.

Men's Choir and Women's Choir

Conductor, Ms. Marian Mine

The Men's Choir and Women's Choir are open ensemble for young men and women to experience choral music and grow as men and women of faith! These two ensembles features a vibrant and uplifting repertoire including Spirituals, Hymns, Pop-Tunes, and Contemporary Christian Anthems that bring audiences to their feet. Outside performances are required including (but not limited too) school concerts, choir retreats, and church ministry. This class meets as a zero period twice a week from 7:00-7:50am. (Women' Choir: Mondays and Thursdays, Men's Choir: Tuesday and Fridays.)

Jr. High Choristers

Conductor, Ms. Marian Mine

The Junior High Choristers will learn to match tones (pitches), read musical notation, and develop a beautiful singing tone. Voice parts are divided into soprano, alto, and baritone. Limited outside performances are required. Choir provides outfits for a small one-time rental/cleaning fee. (Opportunities for fundraising will be provided for students to completely defray any cost.)