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Choir » B.C. Choral Program

B.C. Choral Program

Welcome to the Brethren Junior & Senior High School Choral Program…


The Choral Program is dedicated to inspiring students to be the very best learners, individuals, and musicians that they can be. It is a high level of commitment with a high level of expectation, but we believe it is worth every ounce of contribution. We welcome you and hope that you are excited for what the Lord has in store!


Fine Arts Philosophy


All artistic endeavors reflect the source of artistry and creativity: God, the Creator, whose creations are His works of art. We recognize the need for an environment where student artists can exercise their talents, express their artistic impulses, learn to appreciate the achievements of artists who have paved the way before them and obtain skills that will enhance their God given abilities.

In addition to being encouraged and trained in the fine arts, students are made aware that excellence in the arts will reveal truth and beauty. Honest and excellent art will communicate true things about God and about the condition of man and nature and it will enrich the lives of all people by evoking feelings, moving hearts, replacing faulty thinking, delighting the soul, and inspiring us to worship God

The Brethren Christian Fine Arts department aims to provide an outstanding arts education in a Christian environment. To that end, the program seeks to foster and develop the skills of each individual student.