FRIDAY 4HIM (formerly Friday Forum)

FRIDAY 4HIM began as Friday Forum in  the early 1990's.  It typically occurs on the last Friday in September.  It continues to grow and morph into an experience designed to challenge the student body and staff in spiritual things.  It also is designed to be a spiritually "stepping off" point in the school year; to regroup, refocus, and renew our faith. It is a half-day worship service.
Each school year features a Scriptural theme. This theme is unveiled at the FRIDAY 4HIM chapel and is referenced throughout the school year in chapels, classes, and everyday school life. It becomes a part of the school's focus.
The FRIDAY 4HIM event is our annual day of Worship to increase our love, fellowship and growth.  We will enjoy Music, Challenging Messages, Food, and Fun!
And...includes the 7th Annual "Battle of the Breakfast" which is now.... Battle of the Brunch!!!
Each second period class will get together (smaller classes are combined) to bring food and decorations for the  Yummiest Brunch!  The classes with the greatest, tastiest, decoratedest, "spread" will win the coveted "Yumilicious Brunch Award" which includes FAME and a 2nd period Breakfast Feast (a thank you reward) put on especially by Salt and Light sometime in October.

September 30, 2016...It's all about HIM.

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Information/Expectations  for Parents
Information/Expectations for Students