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Puppet Ministry

Brethren Christian Puppet Ministry
In the 1991-92 school year, two young ladies who knew how to perform with puppets were the first two puppeteers for Brethren Christian High School. At that time no one dreamed that 23 years later we would be celebrating a Puppet Ministry that continues to grow each year. Since it's conception the Puppet Ministry has presented over 600 chapels and has had over 850 students/puppeteers participate.

What Do the Puppets and Puppeteers do?
  • We have had the privilege of training puppeteers to go on mission trips.
  • BC has provided puppets for several foreign fields' that children could be reached with God’s message of love.
  • We also for the past 14+ years have shared in the Hawaiian Gardens Head Start Christmas Program.
  • The "Puppets"  have performed for the Orange County Foster Home and Orphanage Christmas party as well as visiting the children in one of their county Homes. 
  • Each year we visit at least two convalescent hospitals and do almost 30 chapels for Christian schools.  
The rewards are truly great and we are looking forward to many more years of serving the Lord.
Jim Lanning
Puppet Ministry Director