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Academics » Options Program

Options Program


Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School seeks to offer to the Christian community a place where all young people can receive an academic education in an environment that offers Biblical instruction and Christian fellowship. Therefore, we have established the Options Program for students with the unique learning needs sometimes called learning disabilities.

The Options Program is based on the belief that every child is made in the image of God and is unique for God's own purposes. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of those in our student body who have been diagnosed as having learning disabilities. Students in the Options Program are guided and encouraged to produce their best effort, using the abilities God has given them to pursue their studies ‘as unto the Lord.’

• To meet the spiritual and emotional, as well as educational, needs of the student
• To give the student continuing reinforcement in reading, language arts, and math skills
• To prepare the student for full mainstreaming whenever possible and beneficial
• To enable the student to be successful in mainstreamed classes
• To monitor the student in mainstreamed classes

How are students admitted to the Options Program?
Any student found acceptable for admission to Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School who has been tested and identified as having a learning disability is eligible.

  • The first step is to apply for admission to Brethren Christian through regular channels.  In the written application or at the time of the family interview, request an application for consideration for Options placement.
  • Submit results of recent (within the last 3 years) comprehensive educational, psychological or medical testing, demonstrating the need for this special program.
  • The counselor, in conjunction with the school psychologist, will evaluate testing and records to determine if the needs of the student can be met by the program. Admission to the school may be determined by the program’s suitability for the student.