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There are certain traits that our school targets for all students to know, believe, understand, prefer, and be able to do upon completion of our program. These ESLRs, or expected student outcomes, are assessed each year during the senior exit interview to help determine the school’s progress in achieving its mission. Brethren Christian School will develop:
(Spring 2018) Organizers and Planners who
  • make prayer part of their planning process
  • establish academic and behavioral standards that reflect a level of excellence that is honorable to God
  • manage their time and schedules wisely
  • are prepared with the appropriate tools to perform and complete the task at hand
  • categorize, sort, strategize and plan their work
  • follow through on commitments
  • access and use God's Word in their daily lives
Learners who  
  • practice honesty and integrity
  • take personal responsibility in the learning process
  • view reading as a valuable, continuing avocation
  • are competent in the core subject areas as well as other coursework
  • exhibit an openness to diverse experiences in teaching and learning styles
  • experience creativity through involvement in and exposure to the arts
  • use technology, as appropriate, to enhance and facilitate their learning
  • commit to continued spiritual growth, knowing and following Jesus Christ
(Fall 2017) Effective Communicators who
  • receive, interpret, and clearly convey written, spoken, physical, and technological messages accurately
  • respond respectfully to individuals to whom they speak with dignity as God's creation
  • listen objectively to other points of view and seek conflict resolution
  • express themselves appropriately and effectively
  • demonstrate cooperative and cohesive behavior within a group
  • share with others their personal relationship with God
Critical Thinkers/Problem Solvers who  
  • read, write, speak and listen analytically and reflectively
  • understand, process, and use information
  • develop solutions to problems, and formulate appropriate plans of action
  • make connections between abstract concepts and practical applications
  • exhibit resourcefulness and creativity
  • apply God's Word, logic, and reason in discerning truth
Servers and Givers who  
  • pursue health in body, mind, and spirit
  • contribute to the community as active and informed citizens
  • demonstrate biblical stewardship in their care and use of resources
  • model Christian ethics and purity
  • lead in selfless service and giving to God and others