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Options Program Information


Brethren Christian High School seeks to offer to the Christian community a place where all young people can receive an academic education in an environment that offers Biblical instruction and Christian fellowship. Therefore, we have established the Options Program for students with unique learning needs.


The Options Program is based on the belief that every child is made in the image of God and is unique for God’s own purposes. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of those in our student body who have an IEP or 504 and can maintain success in mainstreamed classrooms with minor accommodations and/or modifications. Students in the Options Program are guided and encouraged to produce their best effort, using the abilities God has given them to pursue their studies ‘as unto the Lord.’


What are our goals?

• To meet the spiritual and emotional, as well as educational, needs of student

• To enable students to be successful in mainstreamed classes

• To monitor the student in mainstreamed classes


How are students admitted to the Options Program?

Any student found acceptable for admission to BCHS who has been tested and has either an IEP or 504 plan is eligible.

• The first step is to apply for admission to BCHS through regular channels, signifying interest in the Options Program. A separate Options’ application must be completed and submitted for consideration for Options placement.

• Second step is to submit results of recent (within the last 3 years), comprehensive educational and psychological testing, demonstrating the need for this special program.

• Third, the Options’ Director will evaluate testing and records to determine if the student’s needs can be met by the program. Admission to the school may be determined by the program’s suitability for your student.


Resource Classes

Some Options’ students may qualify for the following special classes daily: Math Topics, Life Science, Earth Science, and Resource Study Skills. The student’s individual course load will be determined jointly by the parents and school administration, based on cumulative records, testing results, and comments from the student’s previous teacher(s) when available. Resource classes are designed for the student whose recent psycho-educational testing (within the last three years) shows the student consistently performing below the 25th percentile on national norms in reading, language arts and/or math. Given the accommodations and modifications available through the Options Program from Brethren Christian, these students should be at a functional level, which allows them to be able to perform successfully in a traditional school setting.

How much is the Options Program and how can I Apply?
We welcome you to take some time to read through our Options Application and Options Handbook to find out all the specific information about the Options Program at Brethren Christian High School, and if it is well suited for your student. Click the links below to download each document.