BC Fine Arts on the Move

The Fine Arts are a very important part of the culture at Brethren Christian School. We have award winning programs in Instrumental Music, Choir, Drama and Painting. Our students frequently compete or participate in state-wide, nation-wide events, and have even been invited to perform at venues across the globe. This page contains excerpts and publicity from some of the events our Fine Arts students have participated in. 
CASMEC Event, February 15-18
Last month the BC choir and band rehearsed and performed at the California All-State Music Educator's Conference (CASMEC), with fellow musicians who auditioned from all across California. Brethren Christian is very proud of these students who represented our school at this high-caliber event which took place in San Jose in February. 
Alona Kellick (All-State Concert Band, Clarinet)
All state was the one of the best musical experiences I have had. Being with the caliber of musicians which were there, brought the "band" experience to a higher level. Attending a Master class by Jerome Simas, clarinetist for the San Francisco Symphony, solidified all I have ever learned about Clarinet and how to play it beautifully, with feeling and depth, reaching for the audience. Being under the instruction of Dr. Lawrence Stoffel, my conductor, was a truly wonderful experience. His enthusiasm, energy, dedication, love for music and for the musician was extremely touching and inspiring. He brought fun and hard work together, which is why I truly love music and performing. His investment in our lives in such a short time, has impacted my life in a deep way. This is one of my most memorable experiences of my senior year and life.
David Salas (All-State TTBB Choir, Tenor)
All-state helped me grow as a musician and as a follower of Christ. My director taught us a lot about singing physically, but he also spoke a lot about why we sing and our inspiration. He told our group that we don't perform to impress, we sing to inspire. He encouraged us to find the reason as to why we sing, and It was an amazing opportunity to use the gifts God gave me to sing in an environment with people from all kinds of backgrounds. The songs we sang were all centered on virtue and courage, and were directly applicable to my faith and why I sing. I will never forget the amazing musicians and people I had the opportunity to work with, and am thankful for the experience and knowledge I gained from it. 
Sam Skarin (All-State SATB Choi, Bass)
All-State Honor Choir was truly an experience that I will never forget. I was humbled to be able to sing with the best high school singers in all of California under the direction of the incredible Dr. Paul Rardin. I am still trying to wrap my head around what a privilege it was to participate in the choir!! Dr. Rardin set some very high standards for our rehearsals, expecting all of us to take our own responsibility for the music, which I have grown in since the event and have brought back to the Brethren Choir. Many of the songs that we sang have become my favorite choral pieces, as many of them pointed to God and how amazing He is. This experience truly means a lot to me as I was often teased for liking to sing when I was in elementary school, and now God has given me the honor of being in All-State Choir. I would not have gotten to this position without the help of my amazing Choir teacher and partner in ministry Ms. Mine, my voice teacher Mr. Duff Rowden, my parents and friends who have supported me, and Jesus, the reason why I sing!!!!
Minji Kim (All-State SSAA Choir, Soprano)
Being in the California All-state Choir this year was such an amazing experience. I was surrounded by peers with a strong sense of responsibility and a high level of musical maturity. But the best thing about being a part of a group of bright and gifted singers was the naturally supportive community that arose from our common purpose in making beautiful music. Although it was a secular organization, I found myself appreciating my strong Christian background because of its rich musical foundation and the emphasis on spiritual connection.  There is an undeniable presence and a lasting influence of Christianity on music’s history. I found that even at the professional level, there was an appreciation for music that is  “inspiring” or “moving”. One such piece that we sang was a simple Zulu acapella piece entitled “Ukuthula”, which moved me to tears. Its translation goes, “In a world of sin the blood of Jesus gives peace.” The director had us all lift our hands out in front of us to proclaim peace in this world where there is so much hatred, suffering, and injustice. I had the privilege and honor of being a soloist in the song as a leader in the call and response style. In the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph in front of many people who probably didn’t share my same religious beliefs, I lead people in worship, as a voice of peace echoing and proclaiming the powerful truth of Christ.
I was inspired to be a light for Him in a world that is in great need of His love, and I found that music is one of the fields in which I can do that.