Brethren Christian Families


The Brethren Christian School student body is comprised of a diverse group of young people, united in  their pursuit  of academic excellence and dynamic creative expression. We have nationally recognized artists, competitive athletes and student-scholars who are consistently accepted into top tier Universities around the world. About half of our population resides in the surrounding cities of Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and Garden Grove, while the rest stretch throughout 20 different Southern California communities, representing a variety of soci-economic backgrounds. 

As a private Christian school, our students, and at least one parent, must be professing Christians who maintain regular church attendance. Brethren Christian families represent a variety of denominations, attending more than 70 different churches. 

Brethren Christian School is a campus that values diversity and celebrates our student's cultures. Our flourishing community is comprised of Caucasian (66%), Asian (27%),  African-American (5%), and Hispanic (2%) students, maintaining an almost even split between male and female students. We have a healthy international student population with a variety of programs and features available to them.

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