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Class of '62

Paul Currie from '62 Warriors Class sends this tribute about his classmate.  Funeral: May 18, 2017

Kent, my good friend, whom I have known for more than 56 years has passed into the gates of glory.  Kent was truly a great friend, a great athlete, a great father and grandfather. He has three awesome grown children Christy, Cary and Tim with numerous grandchildren.  I was told by one of the little grandchildren Kent is now dancing with his wife Georgia.  Kent worked in the Social Services arena and served as Director of Human Resources of all of Tuolumne County. He was highly respected for his leadership and caring personality. He was a competitor.  Just ask those who played football, baseball and basketball with him. Golf became his forte and besides losing at that I think I beat him three times only in pool. What stands out most of all is his fervent love for Jesus Christ.  I can tell you especially in those most recent years that I knew him, all he lived for was to tell people how they, too, could go to heaven by believing in Jesus.  Kent knew where he was going and looked forward to heaven with a passionate longing to be there. Kent and Georgia were married for over 40 years, and they are now dancing together with the rhapsody of heaven. I will miss him and I know the whole Warrior class will, too.




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