Parent Fellowship Council

Congratulations  PFC  2018-19
President - Janice Royal
Vice President - Andrea Potter
Treasurer - Joe Miceli
Secretary - Carole Suzuki 
One of the highest values of Brethren Christian School is to partner with parents in the education and character development of their child. Every parent of a BC student is considered a member of the PFC. Our PFC meetings are open to any and all who want to come, all are welcomed to attend. 
The PFC generally meets the first Monday of the month on campus in the evenings. The new PFC Officers will determine the the next meeting time. 
The Friday Morning Fellowship is a time for parents to gather on the first Friday of every month to fellowship, get updates on school happenings, and chat with Dr. Moran. We meet int the cafeteria area and light snacks and coffee is served.
"Brethren Christian seeks to be a place of comprehensive learning dedicated to helping Christian parents fulfill their divinely established charge of educating their children in accordance with Biblical principles. Brethren Christian will be distinctive for the breadth and quality of its academic, athletic, artistic and faith-building curriculum... Brethren Christian will work in close partnership with parents to educate their children, reaching out to all families who desire a superior education for their children in a Christian environment."
– BC Parent-Student Handbook