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Welcome BC Parents! 
We are so glad you are here! 
Did you know that BC is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year? Check out this video created by BC juniors, Ethan and Luke Montgomery recounting the history of our school:
BC 70th Year Anniversary
Please click on the links below to download the following items:
Updated July, 2018
First Semester "Critical Thinkers & Problem Solvers"
Second semester "Learner"
For more information on the PFC (Parent Fellowship Council), including minutes and bylaws, refer to the menu on the right hand column.

PFC is a key organization within Brethren Christian.  All Brethren Christian parents are automatically voting members and there are no dues!  So come and participate in the planning meetings or just let someone know you want to help!
PFC has been a tremendous support to the school over the years.  Some of their accomplishments have been . . .
• Planted trees in patio forming a beautiful "Tree Court"
• Purchased attractive wooden benches students, parents and staffers enjoy each day.
• New high durability lunch tables
• New state of the art computers for the computer lab and other locations
• Roof repair for computer lab and air conditioners
• Parking lot re-pavement This is a HUGE benefit. Thank you to PFC and our other generous donors.  Remember them as you glide effortlessly over its silky smooth surface!  Okay maybe that description is a little over the top but it is very cool!
• Library and other much needed, classroom carpeting
• Overhead projectors and document cameras for classrooms. The document cameras/projectors are used by our teachers to bring the entire world of educational internet resources to bear in our classrooms.  With world class, state of the art projectors and doc cameras teachers can show a math problem, proofread a document, and/or interface with the internet in a manner that all students see and hear easily.  The PFC and its generous donors accelerated our Technology plan by at least three years!
Our Walkie Talkie emergency radio communication system, our Aeries Student Information System, emergency food and many other projects over the years have been either totally or partially the work of PFC!
Thank you to our Parent Fellowship Council for decades of invaluable support!!