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Student/Staff Interaction Guidelines



Social Media: School-sanctioned social media sites are permissible to both staff and students. Staff may not have current students as contacts on non-BC social media sites or personal accounts of any type.


Email/Texting:  This is permissible between staff and students as necessary for information sharing related to school activities. Sending photographs by email or text should be avoided, except if necessary for information sharing.


Meeting Students off-campus: Staff may not meet with student(s) off campus for social purposes. There may be some ministry or other type of official or non-official events with school families that are permissible – please see the Superintendent if you have any questions about specific events.


Meeting Students on-campus: Staff will only meet with a student or students in an office or classroom with a clear window and/or the door open or ajar.


Transportation: Staff may not transport an individual student alone in a vehicle.


Photographs: Staff may take photos on occasion of students at school or school-related events in appropriate settings. Staff may only post such photos on official BCHS sites. Staff with children at BC may post photos of their own children on their own social media sites, but they must obtain permission from the parents of other students to do so.


Appropriateness:  Common sense and good judgment must be used in any staff-student interactions. At minimum, we expect: professionalism, maturity, and appropriateness in all interactions. Remember that every staff member is a Christian mentor to each of our students, so let all of your interactions be godly and edifying as unto the Lord. “Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ…” (Phil 1:27a)


Exceptions: There may be compelling reasons at times to make exceptions to these policies to make reasonable accommodations to a student or students and their families. Please see the Superintendent regarding any potential exception to these guidelines.