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Order Lunch with the BC Today!

Ordering hot lunches has never been easier! Brethren Christian provides meals daily at our school by partnering with a number of local eateries and restaurants. Each week a Hot Lunch order form is made available on this web page, or in the BC front office, where students can write down their order for lunch on a specific day for that week. Their meal will then be delivered to the lunch area during lunch time and students can come and pick up and pay for their order there (cash and cards are accepted). Lunches vary each day, Monday through Friday, from sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, salads, etc., including a variety of beverage options.

If you would like to order Hot Lunch this week please turn in the form by 9:00am on the day you would like to purchase. Please enter the amount on the line next to the item. Payment is due at the time you get your food. Please bring cash credit card and pay at the lunch area.

Menu for March 9

Monday: KFC Day

$7.00 individual box with 2 pieces of original chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuit and a chocolate chip cookie.  ______________________



Tuesday: Pizza & Hot Dogs (Costco)

$2.00 per slice of either Cheese or Pepperoni

# of Cheese pizza ______________# of Pepperoni pizza ____________

Hot Dogs $2.00 ___________________

Wednesday: Chick-fil-A

$5.00 Classic Chicken Sandwich

# of sandwiches ______________________

$6.00  8-piece Chicken nuggets __________________________

Thursday: Coach Allison’s Special Lunch

Turkey Burger with Tater Tots $5.00 __________________


Friday: In & Out Burger Day (all burgers will have NO onions)

$6.00 Cheeseburger Combo (includes fries & cheeseburger) _______________________

$6.00 Hamburger Combo (includes fries & hamburger) _________________________