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ComedySportz, the high school league

Not a comedy about sports -
comedy IS the sport.

Come on out and enjoy an evening of improv comedy!
 Come out to the match where no one knows who will
hit that "home run of humor"

What is ComedySportz?

If you have seen "Whose Line Is It Anyway," you have the idea.  Two teams of actletes compete for laughs and points, with a referee keeping things moving.  No two matches are the same - nothing is preplanned. 

Come out and enjoy rapid fire comedy where you are the winner. 


"The appreciative smile, the chuckle, the soundless mirth, so important to the success of comedy, cannot be understood unless one sits among the audience and feels the warmth created by the quality of laughter that the audience takes home with it."
                                      James Thurber