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Eligibility Requirements

Academic/Citizenship Requirements for Athletic Participation
(pgs. 33, 34 in  Parent & Student Handbook)
1. Students must maintain a 2.0 quarterly GPA (with no more than one "F") and satisfactory citizenship in all classes.
2. An ineligible student-athlete will be ineligible for a minimum of six weeks.
One, six-week probationary period is available during a student-athlete's “career” at BC. 
3. This probationary period may be used once in high school.

School Attendance for the Athlete
(pg. 34 in Parent & Student Handbook
To participate in an athletic practice or game, an athlete must be present for five (5) periods on Monday and at least 2 of 3 periods or 3 or 4 periods on block days. Athletes seeking an exception from this requirement must contact the Dean of Students or Athletic Director prior to or on the day of the contest.