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Parent Model to Support BC Athletics

PRAY for your student-athlete, their teammates and coaches.


AVOID putting pressure on your child to start, score, and star – they might have different expectations of their athletic experience than you do.


REALIZE that the goals of your student-athlete, the team and athletics as an educational tool are more important than the goals you might have for your child.


EDUCATE YOURSELF about the policies, practices and paperwork of the Athletic Department by referring to the BC Parent-Student Handbook, Athletics, page 32, as your guide.  Handbook is under Campus Life tab at top of front page or BC Parent -Student Handbook 


NO COMPLAINING about your student-athlete’s teammates, their parents, coaches, athletic program, or school administration.


TOTAL SUPPORT of the coaching staff and student-athletes in front of your child, their teammates, parents and fans.


SHOW RESPECT to everyone involved in high school athletics by demonstrating sportsmanship in your actions towards: the coaching staff, athletes, fans, officials, and administrators.