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Chamber Choir/Honors
Description:  This course is an advanced mixed voice group (SATB). The singers must be able to hear intervals well and to sing a harmony part with authority. Voice production should be strong. Music reading is important but not a prerequisite. Repertoire will include choral music of the masters representing various periods of music history. Selections of hymn and gospel arrangements are added to enhance a spiritual outreach in the community. In the latter part of the school year lighter secular numbers are prepared for the annual spring concert. This is a performance-oriented group requiring out-of-school activities. The performances are not only of spiritual ministry to the public but for the individual's own aesthetic and deepening musical experience. The approximate number of required performances in a school year is seven. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed. Most rehearsing is done in class. Purchase of a special choir outfit is required. The choir goes on a retreat the one weekend in January (Friday through Sunday). Fundraising at the beginning of the year helps defray the cost of tour transportation, retreat, and outfit if student chooses to benefit from this opportunity to defer costs.
Prerequisites:  All students are selected by audition according to their musical proficiency, vocal ability and motivation. Must have instructor's approval.

Wind Symphony/Honors
Description:  Honors Wind Symphony students are part of the Wind Symphony class, but must meet extra requirements to earn honors credit. Honors students can earn a varsity letter in band and a possible 5.0 grade points by completing the honors program requirements: passing a major and minor scales playing test, auditioning for the All-southern California and All-State Honor Bands (first semester), and weekly private lessons throughout the school year, in addition to the regular course requirements for Wind Symphony. Students will prepare high-quality musical literature for performance at concerts, chapels and competitive festivals. There is an annual weekend retreat in which students fine tune concert skills. This ensemble goes on tour every other year. Students also participate in solo or small ensemble performances. Private lessons are required, and are offered on campus by a professional musician for an additional fee.
Students enrolled in Honors Wind Symphony also are part or the Warrior Marching Band, which performs at Warrior football games. (Students will not perform in Marching Band if they are in a BCHS fall sport which conflicts with rehearsals.) A one-week rehearsal camp for Warrior Marching Band (days only) is held during the month of August to prepare for football season.
Prerequisites: Open to grades 9-12, by audition only. At least two years experience on the instrument is recommended.
Fee: $150 (paid at book sales) for materials and for instructor fees (Students are given instruction by a professional in small groups by instrument, 2-4 times a month). Additional costs for outfits and trips may be offset by participating in fundraising activities.
  • Electronic tuner and metronome
  • Band instrument and accessories
World Literature Grade 9 Honors
Honors: Emphasis is placed upon a survey of literature including mythology, the novel, short story and drama. Composition skills, understanding of grammar and good reading comprehension and vocabulary skills are required. Vocabulary and writing are integrated with the literature. There is a major research paper in the spring using in conjunction with the Geography class. Students who successfully complete this class with a B+ may go on to American Literature in the 10th grade, English Literature in the 11th and AP English in the 12th.
Outside reading is required each quarter.
Summer Reading, sent out in June: Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Life of Pi by Yann Martel.
In-class novels include The Odyssey by Homer (Dover), Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare (Dover), and Animal Farm by George Orwell.
Prerequisite: Department approval and Junior High English/History GPA of 3.75.
  • Two inch, 3-ring notebook designated for English with10 tab dividers.

(Advanced Placement)  AP Biology

Description:  This college level course offers a deeper study into the topics introduced in General Biology and Chemistry (Biochemistry).  This course covers the first and second semester of the standard college General Biology curriculum and, with a good AP test score, students can receive exemption or transfer credits for first year Biology at their college or university.

AP Biology covers a broad range of biological concepts and protocol focusing on four big ideas: Biological System interaction and complex properties; Living System storage, retrieval, transmission, and response to information essential to life processes; The process of evolution; and Biological System's utilization of free energy and molecular building blocks to grow, reproduce, and maintain dynamic homeostasis.

Class time in this course is largely devoted to a deep understanding of biological concepts through laboratory protocol and experimentation.  Labs are teacher-guided but students will design, direct, and manipulate their own experiments to absorb scientific skills and knowledge.

Text:  Campbell & Reece, AP Edition:  Campbell Biology, 9th edition, Pearson 2011

Fee:  AP Exam fee paid at Book Sales

Prerequisites:  Pass General Biology and Chemistry with a C+ or better; Application & Interview with teacher.

(Advanced Placement)  AP Studio Art
Description:  This course includes investigation into ideas and subject matter with the intent to produce a theme-based series in a variety of art mediums. Students will assemble a portfolio of artwork, including work from previous courses, to meet the requirements as suggested by the College Board for evaluation and possible Advanced Placement credit. Students will be required to maintain a sketchbook of drawings done outside of class. AP students will have the added cost of film and processing for slide portfolio submissions to The College Board.
Prerequisites: Art Methods III and Instructor's approval required.

Fees: AP Test fee is $87.00 and additional class fees paid at Book Sales.

(Advanced Placement)  AP Spanish

Description:  Conducted in Spanish and is designed to focus on the student's developing ability to think in a second language in place of methodical translation. It allows the student to express creative thinking and deductive reasoning in Spanish through extensive reading and communication exercises, both oral and written. Vocabulary is significantly increased to meet the demands of communication on a wide variety of topics. All verb tenses are reviewed and used to provide a more complete usage of the Spanish language.
Text: Abiendo Paso (Heinle & Heinle): Gramatica y Lectura (2 books); Lazarillo de Tormes (Amsco); Marienela (Amsco); Spanish/English Dictionary; 501 Spanish Verbs.
Prerequisites: A grade of "B" or "A" in Spanish III, an appropriate score on the prerequisite testing and permission of the instructor.

Fees: AP Test fee is $87.00 paid at book sales. Exam given in early May.

(Advanced Placement) AP English Lit & Composition  Grade 12
Advanced Placement:  Emphasis is placed on interpretation of literature, outside reading, and advanced composition skills. Summer reading is required. Major portfolio is due in May covering all literature read during all high school years. The class is in accordance with the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. Each student taking this course is required to take the College Board Examination in May. With a score of 3 to 5 on the exam, most colleges and universities grant advanced credit in English courses and give college credit up to two semesters depending upon college or major.
Summer Reading sent out in June: Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift; Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce.
Text: Thinking and Writing about Literature by Roberts (Prentice-Hall); Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë(Dover); Crime and Punishment by Teodor Dostoyevsky (Norton); Oedipus Rex and Antigone by Sophocles (Dover); Hamlet by Shakespeare (Dover); The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams: Seagull Poetry and Seagull Short Stories (Peoples).
Prerequisite: Successful matriculation with a B average through Honors World, American, and English Literature Classes or Department approval.
  • Two inch 3-ring notebook designated for English with 10 tab dividers.

(Advanced Placement)  AP Calculus
Description:  This course is an extension of the topics studied in Algebra II and Math Analysis. The course is designed to enable the students to successfully complete the AP Calculus Exam in May, which then exempts them from the first semester Calculus course their freshman year of college. The course begins with limit theory, proceeds through basic differentiation of functions, and then moves on into integration. The final section goes into a rudimentary study of separable differential equations.
After the AP Exam, we construct models of the volumes of rotation, which help to illustrate these abstract concepts to future classes, as well as providing first-hand experience to the students in applying the theory of integration to practical construction. Above all, these models create a unique ambience in the classroom, commensurate with the academic achievement of the study of Calculus. In other words, they are totally cool.
Text: James Stewart, Calculus with Early Transcendentals, Fifth Edition, Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2003.
Supplies: hp 50 g Graphing Calculator

Fees: AP Test fee is $87.00 paid at book sales. Exam given in early May.

(Advanced Placement)  AP World History
Description:  This course is designed to be a college level world history survey. The chronological frame is from the earliest farming settlements in prehistoric times to the present. This course attempts to be a true world history in that there is a balanced coverage of Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe with an emphasis on the interactions of peoples. This is developed through a combination of selective factual knowledge and appropriate thinking skills. Specific themes and habits of mind provide the glue which is the organizing principle of the course. We expect students to be diligent in their study and to work towards successful completion of the AP World History Exam in May.
Text: The Earth and its Peoples: A Global History (3rd Edition)
Prerequisites: approval of the department chair and satisfactory completion of summer assignments

Fees: AP Test fee is $87.00 paid at book sales. Exam given in early May.

(Advanced Placement)  AP US History
description U.S. History is a two-semester course equivalent to a two-semester college introductory course in U.S. history. It is a chronological study of American history from the earliest European settlements through present. Thinking and writing skills are major emphases of the course. Students are expected to be diligent in their study and to work towards successful completion of the AP U.S. History Exam. The course meets the requirement for two semesters of U.S. History. College credit is possible depending upon a student’s AP U.S. History Exam score and individual college policies.
Fee:  CollegeBoard AP test fee is paid at Book Sales.
Text:  Henretta, et al, America’s History, 6th Edition, and ebook/companion website
Prerequisites: A student must be grade 11 or above, have outstanding achievement in previous history and English classes, on standardized tests, and the approval of instructor
  •  Two inch, 3-ring binder with 8 divider tabs
  •  Student will need to purchase a review book later in the course (about $12).
  •  Red, blue, black pens
  •  Computer/internet access and printer 
(Advanced Placement)   AP US Government and Politics
                                                                 --offered alternate years per student demand
Description: U.S. Government and Politics is a rigorous, one semester, college level study of the theory and practice of the American governmental system including the dynamics of the political milieu that maintains and changes it. Forces outside the formal structures of government such as the electorate, political parties, mass media, emerging micro-media, interest groups, and social movements have major influences on American governance and will also be analyzed. Students will be expected to be diligent in their study and to do well on the AP U.S. Government and Politics exam.
Text: American Government: Institutions and Policies, 8th Edition

Fees: AP Test fee is $87.00 paid at book sales. Exam given in early May.