2019-20 Tuition and Fee Information

A Brethren Christian education is a valuable investment into your child's future. It is our desire to provide outstanding education and Christ-centered spiritual development for our students and families at a reasonable cost. The following page details our tuition and fees. Those interested in financial assistance can read about our Tuition Assistance program.
New Student Application Fee
$50 (non-refundable)
Registration Fee for new students and Re-Enrollment Fee for returning students.
  • $550  will be added to your student's account upon enrollment to BC.
Registration is non-refundable. Re-enrollment and registration fee can be completed together on our online form.
  Grade   Annual Additional fees 
  9th Grade    $14,292 Freshmen fee $497
(ASB, Yearbook, Turnitin, Student Insurance, Testing, Emergency Supplies, Freshmen Retreat)
  10th Grade   $15,384 Sophomore Fee $175 (ASB, Yearbook, Turnitin, Student Insurance, Testing, Emergency Supplies)
  11th Grade    $15,384 Junior Fee $175 (ASB, Yearbook, Turnitin, Student Insurance, Testing, Emergency Supplies)
  12th Grade   $15,384
Senior Fee $135
(ASB, Yearbook, Turnitin, Student Insurance, Testing, Emergency Supplies)
Payment Plan
Monthly Payments:
All payments go through Blackbaud Smart Tuition. A Welcome Letter will be sent to you from Smart Tuition with login instructions on how to set up your account. (There is a one-time $50 family fee to use your Smart Tuition account). There are eleven payments beginning July 15, 2019. Payments include tuition and other fees. 
Payments are due on the first or the tenth of every month. Payments not received by the tenth of every month, your account will be charger a $50 late fee.
Options Program
Brethren Christian is committed to partnering with Christian families to raise their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. The Options Program is designed to help students with mild, professionally diagnosed, learning disabilities. The program provides an array of services depending on need. Space is limited and this program requires a separate application and interview. There are additional fees for this program. All Options Program tuition and fees are non-refundable. These fees are due according to the payment schedule selected in your tuition contract.
Additional Tuition for Options Program:
Students: $1,895
Options Courses ($995 each beyond regular tuition): 
  • Basic Math*
  • Life Sciences* 
  • Algebra 1 part one*
  • Algebra 1 part two*
  • Earth Sciences*
  • Math Topics*
*Requires Options Program admission and Options course tuition. These courses have intentionally low ratios of students to teachers.
Technology Fee
Each student will have a Chromebook (leased as part of the technology fee), and each teacher will have a Surface Book Pro computer. The teacher and students will work synchronously with compatible technologies.
  • $395 per year
Additional Costs 
In addition to the regular fees applicable to every student, there are additional costs for BC students that vary between classes, sports programs, etc. These fees vary, and include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Textbooks 
  • Athletics 
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Field Trips
  • Art
  • Class Trips
Senior Graduation and Retreat Fee
In addition to the $135 senior fee, students in the 12th grade will pay the graduation and retreat fee, which applies to expenses for senior trips, graduation venue and accouterments, and other unique activities reserved for the graduating class.

  • $495