Special Donation to BC

A Special Announcement From The Superintendent

I am pleased to report a new $700,000 donation! 
This raises our one-year total fundraising to $1.3 Million. Let us praise God, and thank our generous donors, for this miraculous provision.

This is an anonymous, unrestricted gift to go where it is most needed. We will prudently use these funds to further strengthen our teaching, programming and services. This will go a long way to build excellence in our A5 = Academics, Athletics, Arts, Activities & AMSE (Applied Math Science & Engineering). Our board of Trustees and I are committed to stewarding these funds wisely to achieve maximum results for your children.

I am sure you will be pleased with all we have in store for next year, which includes:

• 1:1 computers 
• Block scheduling 
• 8-man football 
• Athletic league realignment (to achieve competitive equity) 
• A debate team 
• More mission trips
• Stronger Math & Science Programming

This new infusion of funds will go a long way to implement these programs and others. Please join the board, our staff and me in rejoicing over the continual blessings the Lord Jesus is bestowing upon our beloved Brethren Christian. I am humbled and honored to serve all of you in this great school ministry.