SUPER FUN COLOR RUN, Chili Cook-Off & Silent Auction

 THANK YOU, Fearless Leader, Julie Sheffield, for leading the way!
And PFC members, Belinda Lee, Lenise Cook, 
AND the host of Volunteers!  Thank you!  Thank YOU!  THANK YOU!!!!
FIRST PLACE in Chili Cook-Off      
Congrats to the Suzuki's !
Chili Cook-Off RESULTS:
Duren - 2nd Place  (parent)
Montgomery - 3rd Place  (teacher)
Suzuki - 1st Place  (parent_
The trophies are rad!
And we are warmed-up and heading for Starting Line
Art Experience paints scores!  
Mr. Ozzie B  - "Elephant"
Loved the April 8 Color Run and Chili Cook-Off
& Silent Auction!