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PSP Re-enrollment Form for 2019/20


Thank you for choosing to re-enroll in the Brethren Christian School PSP Program.

Please complete the following form in one sitting, you cannot log out and save your progress. It should take 5-10 minutes to complete, and have your student with you to read and sign this agreement. Please fill in the required information below, then click the "Pay Re-enrollment Registration Fee" button to go to the payment pages. When you enter your card information, there is a "notes" section under the amount total. Please type in your full name and the full name for the person you are re-enrolling. 

The re-enrollment registration fee for the Brethren Christian School PSP Program is:

  • $450 

NOTEIf you have more than one child re-enrolling in the BC PSP Program, please complete a separate form and payment for each sibling. 

The administration and board of Brethren Christian School reserves the right to change the terms of this contract at anytime without notice. Fees and policies may change at any time without prior notice. The re-enrollment fee is non-refundable. Please complete the form below. Required fields marked *

Student Information

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Parent Information

Please read the following Parental Agreement, and indicate below that you agree to each:

  • I (We) agree to meet all BC financial obligations punctually, and understand that failure to do so will result in the removal of my student(s) from BC enrollment. Tuition payments made before the start of the school year will not be refunded. Parents/Guardians who have a student (students) who begin(s) any semester will be responsible to pay the tuition for the entire semester regardless of the withdrawal reason.

  • I (We) believe that discipline is necessary for the welfare of each student, as well as for the entire school. I (We) give permission for my student’s (student’s) teacher and/or other agent of BC to make and enforce classroom regulations and other school policies in a manner consistent with Christian principles as set forth in the Scriptures. I (We) understand that this may include detention, suspension and/or expulsion from school.

  • I (We) further agree to hold BC and its agents harmless from any liability against BC or any agent thereof because of any injury or alleged injury to me (us) or to my student (students). Should legal action be taken for any reason against BC or its employees or agents, on my (our) behalf or on behalf of my student (students), except in the case of a finding of gross negligence of BC or its agent, I (we) agree to indemnify and defend BC and to pay the BC attorney fees, court costs, judgments or other costs that BC or its agents incur in defending against such action.

  • As a condition of continuing student enrollment, all parents/guardians and families of students in BC are required to abide by and support the policies and procedures of BC and all of its employees, and require their student to conform consistently to BC standards. Parents/guardian and families who do not support and abide by BC standards and administrative guidelines, or who, in the estimation of school leadership, find themselves in serious discord with the leadership of the school, may be asked to remove their student (students) from BC. Similarly, any parents who attempt to disrupt the routine and harmonious operation of BC may be asked to withdraw their student (students).

  • BC reserves the right to permanently remove from BC enrollment any student when, in the opinion of the Superintendent, his/her continuation is determined to be detrimental to the welfare of BC, or if his/her academic performance or citizenship does not meet BC standards. BC reserves the right to permanently remove from BC enrollment any student or the participation of parents, guardians, or family members, who, in the determination of BC, interferes with the peaceful conduct of school activities or disrupt the school, its students, or school activities in any way.

  • I (We) have read and I (we) agree to abide by the policies in this Agreement and those in the Student-Parent Handbook. I (We) pledge that if we disagree with any policy set by the School, we will in no case complain to any other party and will only register complaints with the staff, teacher, or administrator involved. (Proverbs 13:3… No Gossip) If not satisfied, we will limit our complaints to those in authority over the parties involved until all those in the chain of authority have had an opportunity to resolve the problem. (Matthew 18:15-17)

  • “Authorization and consent is hereby granted to BC and organizations or associations connected with BC to use my son/daughter’s photograph, school work, video camera recordings, and interview comments for educational and promotional purposes on the school web pages or in promotional materials. I understand that photos, recordings, student works, and other information referred to above may be able to be viewed on the internet and can be distributed by the school or others.” I (We) give BC, grades 9 through 12th grade, permission for my student (students) to take part in all BC activities including bus trips, sports activities, and BC sponsored trips away from the school premises.

  • These Conditions of School Enrollment will be in effect for as long as my student (students) listed (and others to be enrolled) attend BC (including grades 9-12 and all Summer Schools) and I (we) understand that should my (our) guardianship or student custody rights change, that it is my responsibility to have an updated, signed Conditions of School Enrollment delivered to BC.
Do you agree to each point in the above Parental Agreement statement?*
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Please indicate that you understand the following statement: Courses required for graduation must first be taken at Brethren Christian. Courses not offered by Brethren Christian may be available for credit. To be sure you know all your options and to ensure that you do not take a course that will not meet BC graduation requirements or course prerequisites ALWAYS check with the BC Academic Dean's office FIRST. Please see BC Parent-Student Handbook for more information or contact the school at info@bchs.net.*
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Will you need to use a bus service to attend school next year?*
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Tuition Information

Every family must understand and agree to their tuition payment obligation as detailed below. Please refer to the Brethren Christian PSP Tuition Document for specific details on fees and other information.

Please select the Tuition Payment Plan that you plan to follow below. If you choose the ACH option, we will send you a form in June in order to complete that transaction.

All returned checks or electronic payments are subject to a $25.00 returned check charge. Please note that any check for monthly tuition received “on time” and returned after the “late” date may incur a late fee.

Tuition Payment Plan Options*
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Electronic Signature

This form declares your intention to return to Brethren Christian School for the 2019/20 school year, and your Re-enrollment Fee will hold a space for you. By submitting this form, you are verifying that you understand, and agree to the terms and conditions detailed herein. Please click "Pay Re-enrollment Registration Fee" at the bottom of this form to proceed to the payment pages. On the payment page include your full name and your student's full name.

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