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Internationals Student Application for Admission

Brethren Christian School welcomes all applications regardless of race, color national origin, ancestry, or gender who desire a high-quality, Christian education. The student must be prepared academically, socially and physically to meet the rigors of a well-defined, mainstream, English-only, Christian educational program.

Families must fill out a separate application for each sibling.

Please do not close this webpage before completing the form, or click the "back button," or your information will be lost. We ask that you complete this application in one sitting, you cannot log out and log back in. Be ready to supply the names and email addresses of three references whom we will reach out to. It should take 15-20 minutes to complete this application, then you will be directed to submit your non-refundable Application Fee of $195. Once you've done this your application will submitted and you can close this window.

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Student gender*
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Student's Home Address

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Student Questionnaire
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If you are accepted as a student, do you promise to abide by the rules of the shcool, use your influence to protect the good name of the school, its buildings, property, and support the policies of the School, committing to regular attendance at church while a student at Brethren Christian School as stated in the Parent & Student Handbook?*
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Student Signature
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Parent Questionnaire
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Are you and your family committed to regular church attendance? *
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Homestay or Gaurdian Information

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Homestay U.S. address

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We ask that applicants supply three references to attest to their preparedness and ability to successfully attend Brethren Christian School. We will directly contact them with a questionnaire to fill out. After submitting this application, please notify them to expect an email from Brethren Chrsitian School where they will be given a link to a form that they can fill out. Please include the full name, phone number, and accurate email address for the following references:

Signature of Parents

By singing below, you agree to the following: 

  1. My student may go on field trips and other school-sponsored activities.
  2. The administration has full discretion in the discipline of my child in accord with school policy, including dismisal. 
  3. The administration has full authority for grade or course placement.
  4. The administration may dismiss my student if he/she does not fully cooporate in the educational process.
  5. If an international student is accepted to Brethren Christian High School, an Acceptance Letter will be sent. Once a student submits their tuition for the upcoming year, they will receive an I-20, which they will need for their VISA interview, along with their Acceptance Letter. All tuition and payments are non refundable except in the event that a student's VISA is denied.

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