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Application For Admission, Domestic Students


Thank you for Applying to Brehtren Christian High School. This process includes to steps: first, complete this application and press "submit," and second, submit your $50 application fee.

Brethren Christian School welcomes all applications regardless of race, color national origin, ancestry, or sex who have a personal commitment to faith in Christ and desire a high-quality, Christian education. Students and at least one parent must profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and attend a Bible-teaching church. The student must be prepared spirituality, academically, socially and physically to meet the rigors of a well-defined, mainstream, English-only, Christian educational program.

Families must fill out a separate application for each sibling.

Please do not close this browser before completing the form, or click the "back button," or your information will be lost. We ask that you complete this application in one sitting, you cannot log out and log back in. Be ready to supply the names and email addresses of three references whom we will reach out to. It should take 15-20 minutes to complete this application, then you will be directed to submit your Application Fee of $50. Once you've done this your application will submitted and you can close this window. Please fill in the information below (require fileds marked *), then click "Submit" to comlpete your form. 

Student's gender*
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Are you coming from a home school program?
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Brethren Christian School has a unique Home School Hybrid Program, where students can take up to four individual classes at the Brethren campus, while completing their own curriculum at home. 

For more information, please visit our Home School Hybrid web page.

Are you interested in applying for the Home School Hybrid Program through Brethren Christian School?*
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Are two parents in the home?*
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Is there any court order in effect limiting the presence of, or removal of student by any person during school hours?*
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Student Questionnaire
(to be filled out by student)

If you are accepted as a student, do you promise to abide by the rules of the school as stated in the Parent & Student Handbook and to use your influence to protect the good name of the school, its building and property?*
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I (student) will support the policies of the school as stated in the Parent & Student Handbook and I commit to regular attendance at my church while a student at Brethren Christian School:*
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Parent Questionnaire
(to be filled out by parents)

Father/Stepfather/Guardian Information

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Mother/Stepmother/Guardian Information

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I herby give consent to the following

  1. My student may go on field trips and other school-sponsored activities.
  2. The administration has full discretion in the discipline of my child in accord with school policy, including dismissal.
  3. The administration has fully authority for grade or course placement.
  4. The administration may dismiss my student if he/she does not fully cooperate in the educational process.
Do you agree to the above statement?*
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Please indicate the you have read and understand the following note:

NOTE TO ALL STUDENTS: Courses required for graduation must first be taken at Brethren Christian. Courses not offered by Brethren Christian may be available online for credit. To be sure you know all your options and to ensure that you do not take a course that will not meet BC graduation requirements or course prerequisites ALWAYS check with the BC Academic Dean's office FIRST. Please see BC Parent & Student Handbook for more information or contact the school at info@bchs.net.*
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Relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

I have received the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior and am committed to serve Him with my whole heart. It is my desire that my attitudes and actions will bring glory to Him. If you wholeheartedly agree with the previous statement please confirm below:

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Statement of Faith

Brethren Christian School is committed to following God’s Word in every aspect of the school’s faith, teaching and practice. This Statement of Faith expresses the school’s understanding of the primary doctrines of scripture. Part One is the school’s understanding of the doctrines that are absolutely essential. It defines the boundaries of this faith-community. Every employee, student, and at least one parent must whole-heartedly agree with all of Part One. Part Two is the school’s understanding of important doctrines of scripture that are foundational to its curriculum and teaching, past, present and future. The school recognizes that many spiritually mature and intelligent Christians who are serious students of God’s Word differ on these issues.

Please click the link and take a moment to read the BC Statement of Faith and respond to the following question: 


I have read, understand and agree wholeheartedly with Part One of the Brethren Christian Statement of Faith. If at any time *
I find myself out of harmony with any of the tenets of Part One I will voluntarily withdraw (or dis-enroll) my student from school. I understand that Part Two is the official position of the school.
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We ask that applicants supply three references to attest to their preparedness and ability to successfully attend Brethren Christian School. We will directly contact them with a questionnaire to fill out. After submitting this application, please notify them to expect an email from Brethren Chrsitian School where they will be given a link to a form that they can fill out. Please include the full name, phone number, and accurate email address for the following references:

Commitment to Brethren Christian School

I am committed to support the policies of the school as stated in the Parent & Student Handbook. I will speak positively of the school and its personnel. If I have concerns or questions, I will direct them to the appropriate individuals. The parties to this agreement are Christians and believe that the Bible commands them to make every effort to live at peace and to resolve disputes with each other in private or within the Christian community in conformity with the Biblical injunctions of 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, Matthew 18:15-20. Therefore, the parties agree that any claim or dispute arising out of, or related to, this agreement or to any aspect of the school relationship, including any claims, shall be settled by Biblically-based mediation.

The parties that these methods shall be the sole remedy for any controversy or claim arising out of the school relationship or this agreement and expressly waive their right to file a lawsuit against one another in any civil court for such disputes, except to enforce a legally binding arbitration decision

Each party, regarless of the outcome of the matter, agrees to bear the cost of his/her/its own arbitrator and one-half of the fees and costs of the neutral arbitrator and any other arbitrator expenses. 

Electronic Signature

By filling out the fields below, you are verifying your consent. Knowingly typing in and submitting your electronic signature makes this an official documnet.