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Bus Contract 2018-19

The priority and purpose of the bus program is to provide families a way to conveniently, safely and economically get their students to and from school.  The school's goal is to administer the bus program according to this philosophy.

Emergency - "one way" bus tickets are available for $7.00 each and are good for a one-way bus ride on a stand-by basis (if there is room, your student may ride).  The tickets can be used during the current school year only.  Unused tickets will not be eligible for a refund.  

The bus fees do not meet the expenses of the program.  Should a decrease in the number of bus riders cause a significant adverse impact on the overall budget, there may be an increase in the rates.

Bus payments can be made in the same three ways as tuition:   

1) Prepaid in full by July 1, 2018

2) Semiannual installments (50% by July 1, 2018 and 50% due on November 15, 2018) 

3) Monthly installments due with your regular tuition payment.  

Bus fees have been tentatively set at $1,550.00 per year. These rate is subject to change without prior notice.  The same bus rate applies equally to all contracted individual riders whether the bus is taken one way, both ways, every day, occasionally, or not at all.    




Bus Transportation Regulations


Brethren Christian, in an effort to provide safe, efficient transportation, must maintain a high standard of discipline on the bus.  The following rules have been adopted to govern pupil transportation in accordance with California State Law.

1. Passengers shall at all times recognize and respect the authority of the bus driver.  This includes prior to boarding the bus as well as after disembarking.

2. The bus leaves on time and will not wait for anyone.  Do not block the path of the bus. Never attempt to flag the bus down.  Never attempt to stop the bus. This is California State Law. You do not want to pay this fine ... it is HUGE. 

3. After returning from school on the bus, students are to be picked up from the bus stop at the scheduled arrival time.  BCHS provides no bus stop supervision  and assumes no liability for the students once they have stepped off the bus.  Students are not to "hang-out" or loiter in the vicinity of the bus stops.

4. Passengers are to remain in their seats while the bus is in motion, unless permission to move is given by the driver.

5.  All objects and parts of the body are to remain inside the bus at all times. 

6. No bulky or unsafe items will be allowed on the bus (band instruments excepted).

7. Throwing litter on or from the bus is prohibited.

8. Students will keep their feet off the seats at all times.

9. There is absolutely no gum allowed on the bus.

10. In order to keep our buses safe and clean, eating or drinking is not allowed on the bus.

11. Since it is distracting to the driver and therefore unsafe, do not shout, whistle, or sing loudly.

12.  Defacing or damaging the bus will result in disciplinary action by the school and  repair bill from the bus service to you, the parent.

13. No passenger will be let off or on the bus at a place other than route stop designated by the head of school.  (California State Law)

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 Pick up points with fewer than 10 students may be considered for elimination. 


Reminder: Brethren Christian does not provide any supervision at the bus stops.Please supervise your student(s) until the bus arrives in the morning and promptly pick them up in the afternoon.  Please refer to the Bus Schedule 2018 - 2019 for drop off and pick up times.

By signing below we affirm that we have read and understand the "Transportation Regulations" page and that we have read and understand the following:

We understand that this contract is binding and is subject to change without prior notice.  

We agree to support the school regarding bus regulations and to support the bus driver.  We understand that riding the bus is a privilege and not a right.  Therefore, the student can be removed from the bus service at any time for failing to obey the rules and regulations.   The family will continue to be obligated to pay the contracted amount. 

We understand the bus fees are set at $1,550.00 per year.   We understand and agree that bus fees are in addition to my regular monthly tuition.  

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We understand that the bus fees are be subject to change without prior notice.

We also understand that Brethren Christian does not provide any supervision at bus stops. We understand that it is the parents’ responsibility to supervise their student(s) until they are picked up by the bus in the morning and that parents are to pick up their student(s) immediately after being dropped off by the bus in the afternoon.

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