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Brethren Christian School has existed for over 72 years to honor and glorify God by helping boys and girls become godly men and women. We are moving forward at BC by teaching our timeless message with modern methods. We have integrated technology in to our programming to enhance teaching and learning, and we have strengthened our math & science programming. We continue to partner with parents and families to disciple each student in Christ. We help every student excel academically, socially and personally. I welcome you to join this vibrant community of believers, who are developing young people to make an impact for time and eternity. 
Meet some of our students, faculty and staff who have been a part of making BC such a powerful ministry.
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College Reps Visiting

Are you thinking about college, and wanting to chat with a counselor from that school? Check out the dates when different colleges will be visiting BC!
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BC is in Space!

Watch the countdown with the ISS team from April 17th, as the NASA shuttle launches, carrying the BC experiment.
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Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Ever wonder if you could get college credit before graduating high school? Check out these dual enrollment opportunities for BC students!
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Move to Grace FAQ

This summer Brethren Christian School will be relocating! Click here to find out how you can support this exciting next chapter in our 72 year ministry.
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Featured Warrior

Meet the BC community:
Hi everyone, this is Yihan. I’m going to USC next year, and planning to major in Architecture. I came from China a couple years ago, so I can speak both English and Chinese. I’ve been living in Fountain Valley, CA, for the years I spent at Brethren. I’m totally a foodie, love all kinds of spicy food, and my hometown Chongqing is famous for Hot Pot. After reading tons of comic books during my childhood, I developed the ability to observe details of each art piece. Little sketches I did of my favorite comic characters always brought positive comments. As I stepped into middle school, my dad introduced me to a sketching class owned by his friend. My drawing skill improved rapidly in the sketching class. That’s how I became an art student. I’m also really active and athletic. I played four years of volleyball for Brethren and I love to play basketball during my free time. Community service is what makes my life meaningful, I have been a wildlife conservation volunteer in Kenya twice. My main job was to assist the wildlife conservationists to patrol the conservation area and prevent illegal grazing. Experience from wildlife conservation evokes my sense of sympathy and responsibility, and I will keep this path of supporting wildlife through my artistic skills. 
Favorite Class: Art
Hometown: Chongqing, China
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting and Volleyball
What I like best about Brethren: Diversity of students and cultures