Dear Students and Parents,

As Academic Dean, one of my responsibilities is to assist students toward successful high school graduation, and then through the college application process.

• We use SucceedNaviance. This program is currently one of the top programs of its nature used by thousands of high schools throughout the country.

• All students have an account. It is online and available 24/7.

• There are numerous resources available – game plan, resume, personality profile, career interest profiler, college search, to name a few.

• It is used to track student interests, colleges applied to, colleges accepted to, colleges chosen to attend, class SAT averages, class GPA averages, etc.

• It is expected that students use this forum.

The CollegeCorner is the BC monthly update of what is going on that relates to college, SAT/ACT testing, Test prep, National and International Summer School opportunities, Financial Aid, and scholarship opportunities to name a few.

 In the CollegeCorner, by grade (9-12), there are items listed as to what a student should be doing or addressing throughout the year. It’s a resource for the parent and the student. Major announcements are regularly updated in the Corner. Check out the end of the *Daily Bulletin (See right side of *front page of this site) for Scholarship updates, too.

Visit the CollegeCorner regularly (open pdf file below for current monthly newsletter) to find out what you need to know.   Check out the archive page for CollegeCorner Newsletters for the past year.

CollegeCorner.  It’s the place to go!    Scroll down for Monthly Newsletters.


--Marcella Flippin,  Academic Dean 

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