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ASB Executive Council (Zero Period)
Description:  The ASB Executive Council is the team that leads all activities for the Student Body.  The President Council ad Class Councils report to the Executive Council and the Executive Council is accountable to the Student Body.  ASB Leadership is based on a Lead Like Jesus (LLJ) model and thus the heart of a leaders is that of servant leadership.  The objective of the ASB Executive Team is to plan and organize all social activities for the high school students throughout the year and work  closely with the administration to promote a unified student body.  The Executive Council/Team consists of seven officers:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Commissioner of Activities - Publicity
  • Commissioner of Activities - Spirit
  • Commissioner of Activities - Creative Arts (selected on the merits of work submitted)


This team helps to prepare, plan, and lead the following activities:

  • SEAL (Training for all student leaders
  • First day activities on campus
  • Back-to-School Assembly
  • Club Rush - Block Schedule Block Party
  • Homecoming
  • Winter Semi-Formal
  • King Warrior
  • Sadie Hawkins Dance
  • ASB Awareness - March Madness
  • ASB Elections
  • Class Council Elections
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • and so much more...

Prerequisite: The executive team is a group of students who are nominated by the student body and elected into office (except Creative Arts) in the spring for the following school year.


Robert's Rules of Order  ISBN 0-517-259206

Who Moved My Cheese   ISBN  0-399-14446-3

The One Minute Student   ISBN   978-0-9760258-4-9

Lead Like Jesus   ISBN   1400314208 

ASB Presidents' Council, Class Councils
Description:  The President Council meets at lunch each and every Tuesday to help and organize events.  The ASB Executive Council prepares and runs the meeting and each high school organization is represented on the President Council.  The objective of the President Council is to unify and motivate school spirit in an environment that is fair and based on constitutional principles all while learning and utilizing Roberts Rules of Order.
The President Council members are:
  • ASB President
  • ASB Vice President
  • ASB Secretary
  • ASB Treasurer
  • Commissioner of Activities - Publicity
  • Commissioner of Activities - Spirit
  • Commissioner of Activities - Creative Arts
  • Senior Class President
  • Junior Class President
  • Sophomore President
  • Freshman President
  • Athletics Council President
  • Band Council President
  • Brethren Christian Ambassadors President
  • Cheer Captain
  • Choir Council President
  • GreenInk Editor
  • SALT and LIGHT Representative
  • Sound Crew Manager
  • Thespians Council President
  • Yearbook Editor
Prerequisite:  Elected to position in Spring of previous year.
Note:  Offices can change depending on needs of student body
Description:  Leadership In Gathering Hearts Together plans and promotes weekly student led chapels. Other special events, such as the beginning of the year Friday Forum and mid-year Spiritual Emphasis Week, are also part of L.I.G.H.T. responsibility.
Prerequisites: Limited to Grades 10 through 12.  By application and interview only.
Description:  Service and Leadership Training: student leaders plan, promote, and implement ministry opportunities through which the student body and faculty of BCHS can put their “faith into action.” Through planning and participating in activities like the annual Missions Trip and BC Blitz, these student leaders will be equipped and trained to lead service projects in a ministry setting.
Prerequisites: Limited to Grades 10 through 12. By application and interview only.
Description:  The purpose of this class is to offer students a real-life experience with the compilation and production of a yearbook by meeting deadlines, working together as a group, and using their creativity in their writing and picture-taking, while have fun in the process.
Prerequisite: An application approved and accepted by the instructor.
Description:  Learning and doing different office procedures. Responsibilities may include answering the phone, delivering messages, filing and mailings.
Prerequisite: Limited to Grades 10 -12.
Description:  One period of the day where a student can do supervised study. No credit is given for this class.  Citizenship and work habit marks are given.
Prerequisite: None
Description:  Resource Study Skills serves as a class specifically designed to assist students who struggle with executive functioning skills.  This class holds students accountable for their grades, keeping a daily planner, and various long term class assignments.  The students also do various assigned activities purposely designed to promote executive functioning skills.
Text:  Student Planner (provided in class)
Prerequisite:  Placement by Options director
  •        All textbooks, binders, study tools for all classes

Fee:  Included in Options Program fee

Description:  Seniors are allowed to report to school or leave school one period at the beginning or end of the day. Students are not to be on campus until ten minutes before their first class begins or ten minutes after their last class. Students are expected to attend Chapel and special assemblies. Students who do not adhere to Off Campus policies will lose the privilege.
Students and parents requesting a “double early leave” or a combination thereof, must show proof of employment, or college course admission, which requires the additional off campus time.  STUDENTS RECEIVE NO COURSE CREDIT.