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Daily Bible Classes

The mission of the Bible Department is to encourage students to foster a personal relationship with God. We believe that this is accomplished through the contemporary application of the Word of God. We seek to know what God says, what Scripture means, and how it applies to each of us.
An important emphasis in every Bible class at Brethren is memorizing Scripture, God's Word. Memorization is one of the best ways to lock-in God's words into our minds and hearts.
6th Grade
Route 66 - Survey of the Old Testament: Sixth grade Bible is a study of the Old Testament and God's chosen people. Throughout this study we learn practical lessons that can be applied to a young student's life and lasting truths to apply through adulthood. Learning and reinforcing prior knowledge of Scripture is stressed, while developing a desire to continue in this learning process. Students also study and learn key memory verses each week.
7th Grade
Route 66 - Survey of the New Testament: This course has been designed to help students get to know God better. We do a survey, an overview of the New Testament, section by section, book by book. It is a study that presents Jesus Christ for who He really is, and how He can have a life-changing impact on our lives. Emphasis is placed on understanding the character of God by studying His attributes. We also take time to discuss issues that are important to the students' everyday lives such as friends, parents, choices, etc.
8th Grade

Eighth grade Bible covers three different aspects of Christian faith, with the goal to help students take ownership of their relationship with Jesus Christ, to know who He is to them personally, and to live that out in their lives. The year begins with a study of heaven. Students learn what believers have to look forward to by reading the books Heaven by Randy Alcorn and Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.  After this, students read through the Biblical book of James, with the goal to help them examine how to live out their faith. Finally, students read Crazy Love by Francis Chan, which helps each student examine who he or she is as a Christian.  Worksheets, activities, projects and assessments are utilized as we cover these books. Everything studied is viewed through what the Bible teaches, as it is the basis for truth by which all must be examined. Students need a Bible, preferably New International Version; phones can be used for their Bibles. They also need a three ring binder to keep all their worksheets/notes in for each study.  Students will do weekly memory verses and a Bible journal most days.
Bible 9
Christian Living: Students explore the fundamentals of living the Christian life through “upward” and “outward” relationships. Beginning with the Gospel message of salvation, students learn how to develop their “upward” relationship with God through Bible study, prayer, faith, and obedience using the Biblical principles in Mastering Bible Study Skills. They will also gain a greater understanding of God’s Word by learning the books and themes of the Bible. Finally, they will learn how a Christian world view will help them to respond as a Christian in their “outward” relationships with their family, friends, and others.
Bible 10
Spiritual Warfare/Love and Dating: How to live right side up in an upside down world as they encounter an ongoing spiritual battle. First, they will discover how the foundation of their Christian walk is having their identities rooted and established in Jesus Christ. Second, students will learn how to battle against the influences and forces of darkness in this fallen world as they develop a more effective offense and defense against evil. Finally, in the second semester, they will learn God’s definition of love, the purpose of dating, the Biblical roles of men and women in marriage, and God’s purpose for sex in marriage.
Bible 11
Genesis/Romans: Juniors will study through two important books of the Bible that are foundational for their Christian faith – one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament. The book of Genesis tells us about the beginnings of everything (except God): the beginning of the universe, man, sin, judgment and God’s special people, Israel. We will discuss the creation-evolution debate, and the world-wide Flood and its ramifications. Of special interest is the study of the four great men of Genesis – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. They were ordinary human beings who had great successes and great failures – just like us. But God used each of them in a special way. Paul’s letter to the Christians in Rome was his magnum opus (great work). He takes us from man’s total depravity to God’s great salvation and wants us to see the great scope of God’s plan. Romans helps us to understand how to make godly decisions and live a godly life in a tough world.
Bible 12
Apologetics & Senior Issues: We focus on having the knowledge not only to defend our faith, but to also understand why we believe what we do and that Christianity is based on legitimate evidences, not faith alone; we review both believers’ and unbelievers’ views of Christians today and what that means to us as individuals and as the church; and, regarding finances, we look at what the Bible says regarding our finances, create a working budget, look at credit card debt, student loans, giving, and other aspects of using our money from a practical, hands-on perspective.