International Student Admission Policy, Process and FAQ

Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School

Admission Policy, Process & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

International Students


Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School has been certified by the United States Department of Homeland Security Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to issue form I-20 to International Students after they have been accepted into the school’s regular, full-time program.  This form is necessary to obtain a student Visa.



Brethren Christian Junior & Senior High School welcomes all applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry or sex who have a personal commitment to faith in Jesus Christ and desire a high quality Christian education. Each student and at least one parent must profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and attend a Bible-teaching church.




After you have decided that Brethren Christian is the right place for you . . .


  1. Apply for or renew your passport if it will expire within six months of starting our program.


  1. Download the Brethren Christian New Student Application under admissions at


  1. Complete the application including all the required documentation, confidential reference forms, transcripts, report cards, achievement scores and immunization records. Scan the entire application and documentation and email it to  Also, be sure to send a link to the required interview video as described on the application along with your language test results. We partner with ITEP,  Another acceptable test is TOEFL Jr.


  1. Brethren Christian will evaluate your application and contact you with the result.  If you are not accepted the school will contact you with that information.  If you are accepted the school will contact you and send you the I-20 form.


  1. When you receive the I-20 form your next step is to go to and pay the SEVIS fee (I-901 fee) to the United States Government. The fee is $200.  Keep your receipt!


  1. Contact the United States embassy or consulate in your home country to set up an appointment for a Visa interview. For complete information on how to contact the United States Embassy in your area go to the website  On that homepage there is a box titled “Travel to the United States”  in the right hand column.  Find the Row titled “Study and Exchange” and click on the red “F”.  There is much important Visa information on this website.


  1. When you go to the Visa interview take your I-20, your SEVIS fee (I-901) receipt, and financial records proving that you can afford to live in the U. S. and pay tuition without working until you graduate from Brethren Christian. Also take your educational records (report cards, transcripts etc..)


  1. If your Visa interview is successful you will receive a Visa to travel to the United States and apply to enter the country. A Visa does not guarantee that you will be admitted to the United States, however, if there were a problem it would almost always be identified in the Visa interview process.  You may only enter the country 30 days prior to the start of school.  If you think you might be late contact Brethren Christian immediately at


  1. The United States Customs and Border Protection agent at the U. S. airport will look at your documentation so do not pack it in your luggage, keep it with you. Most likely he will stamp your passport with a mark called an I-94.  This stamp will identify your “status” in the United States as a non-immigrant student.  This is called F-1 status.  It will also likely be marked “D/S”.  “D/S” means “duration of status.”  That means that you can remain in the United States as long as you remain a full time student (you have been granted “student status”). 

International Students’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


International Students are a valued and respected part of Brethren Christian (BC).  The school has had two International Students elected President of the student body in the last several years!  International Students make up about 15% of the student body.  Most BC International Students are from Asia.  International Students are mainstreamed in all classes. All classes are taught in English and no special accommodation is given to International Students.


Do I have to be proficient in English to attend Brethren Christian?

YES!  You must already be proficient in English to attend Brethren Christian.  All classes are taught in English and no special accommodations are made for International Students.  English language proficiency is one of the keys to academic success at Brethren Christian.  It is  in your best interest and we strongly recommend that you take an English Proficiency test and send the scores with your application.  We partner with ITEP,  Another acceptable test is TOEFL Jr.



If I am open to Christianity but have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as my own, personal Savior may I attend?

NO!  You must already be a “born-again”, committed believer to be a Brethren Christian student.  Being “open” to accepting Jesus Christ does not meet the requirement .



What if I get sick or have an accident?  Does the school provide insurance?

The school insurance only covers accidents that happen at school.  It does not cover illness or accidents that happen elsewhere.  All students, domestic and international must provide their own insurance.  The insurance you have in your home country will probably NOT cover you for sickness or accidents in the United States. The school can refer you to insurance agencies that specialize in international student insurance.  One such organization is (800) 244-1180.



May I work while I am an international student at Brethren Christian?

NO!  That is a violation of your status. The school does not offer Optional Practical Training (OPT).



Is there an application fee?

NO!  You do not have to pay any fees to apply. 



What fees do I have to pay?

International student rates may be obtained by calling the office.



When do I have to pay these fees?

See the “Tuition and Fee Information International” document for information. You may not start school until all tuition and fees are paid in full for the entire school year.


                Does Brethren Christian arrange homestays for students?

NO!, you must arrange your own homestay.  However, Brethren Christian may refer you to a home stay coordinator who is not affiliated with the school to help you locate a suitable arrangement.  Brethren Christian does not coordinate homestay arrangements



              What if I need to leave school early to fly home?

All students must maintain an excellent attendance record.  Students must take final exams when they are scheduled.  Missing a final exam will have serious academic consequences.  Brethren Christian maintains a strict attendance policy with academic penalties for excessive absences.



I am going to be a senior, may I apply to attend Brethren Christian?

Brethren Christian only accepts new International Students into the 6th through 11th grades.  However, if you will be a senior and attended school in the U. S. this last school year and earned a full year’s credit with an excellent academic record, the school will consider your application.