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                      First Day of School is Monday, August 28...8:00am      


The Daily Bulletin is a vital piece of information. It is read each day by Mrs. Stone at the beginning of period one (1) as it is heard in each classroom. The contents are intended to inform, enlighten, and encourage. 

On line reference is available as the bulletins are archived for at least a week. Early Dismissals for sports are listed at the end of the Bulletin.

For College Planning and your convenience... Scholarship and Event Opportunities are listed in the Daily Bulletin and are also listed in their entirety at the end of the online version of the Daily Bulletin and published monthly in the CollegeCorner Newsletter.

See the CollegeCorner and College Planning choices by returning to Home page; click on CollegeCorner on the right side of front page. 

OR "Academics" tab at top, then "College Planning" and/or "CollegeCorner" to begin the adventure of preparing for college.